2018 Youth Film Submissions

The Siskiyou Filmfest is proud to inspire young activists through film. Last year, a number of wonderful films were submitted by the Logos Charter School in Medford Oregon. One of the top three finalists below will be selected as the 2018 Youth Film winner and shown on the big screen. A special thanks to their teacher Matt Luoto for making this project happen.


To Bee or Not to Be

By Griffin Smith and Ian Jones - The Rogue Valley is home to productive agriculture; pear orchards, vineyards, and cannabis production that benefit the local economy. But what are the hidden costs of this industry? This film chronicles the effects of pesticide use on pollinators and encourages everyone to be bee friendly.


My Oregon documentary

By Sara Hughes and Idalia Valles - Two students explore their local natural areas with appreciation for natural beauty and ask the audience to consider some thought-provoking questions in their own lives. 


Fire Film

By Brieann Fitch, Andrew Kube, Sydney Williamson and Matthew Trost - Forest fires are a hot topic these days, and students ask local officials about their first hand experience and thoughts on local fires in the wildland-urban interface (WUI).