Our Land: Traversing Oregon

Guest film review by SFF volunteer Carly Holthaus, AmeriCorp volunteer for Rogue Valley Farm to School

Octave Zangs & Jason Fitzgibbon do a phenomenal and drool-inducing job of presenting our magical Oregonian public lands in their true light. OUR LAND - TRAVERSING OREGON follows the duo dream team as they roam and ramble; surfing on the coast, flyfishing in alpine lakes, and touring forests on mountain bikes. This footage is enough to awaken the playful wild child in all of us, simultaneously filling us with warm-fuzzies for the places we hold dear. Poetic narration notes "towering evergreens plunging down dark rocky cliffs toward the sea and not with another soul as far as the eye could gaze," in combination with beautiful cinematography, masterfully brings goosebumps to viewers. The filmmakers have created a work of art that will incite audiences to love and fight for these endangered paradises. 

The film alludes to the unofficial national anthem by Woody Guthrie, "This Land Is Your Land", and at no better timing than now, with the arrival of a new presidency. Here we are called to reflect on these last tracts of wild and untouched country, hidden pockets of living history that reveal to us an often forgotten lesson. We're charged to preserve, against big business interest and government takeover, the places in our very own backyard that stir our hearts. This film will make you want to get out of your seat, put on a wet-suite and dive into water, or fight for the protection of our lands, or both! Either way, you'll want to make sure that stunning films like this one will continue to be made.