17th Annual Siskiyou Filmfest Wild Success!

We are excited to announce that viewers have chosen their favorite film for the 2019 Viewers Choice Award, "Run Wild Run Free."


KS Wild is so grateful to everyone that came out and made the Filmfest a success, thank you to our wonderful sponsors, auction donors, partner organizations that came and shared information at their booths, and the 500+ guests who took part and made it the fantastic community event that we strive for. 

We would like to extend an extra big thank you to volunteers that made it all possible: Dominique Brown, Liz Brick, Ayani, Laurel Sampson, Margretta Stone, Makayla Hoyt, Asa Cates, Patty Holman, Geno, Margretta Stone, Scott Sweetman, Gitta Ziegler, Shane T Clark, Becky Schilling, Cate Hartzell, Ford Eramlett, Daphne Eramlett, Debra Johnson, Fabio Floris, Francesca Buongiorno, Susie Schmidt, John Miele, Kasorn Miele, Sherrie Stone, Sienna Fitzpatrick, Joe Flaherty, Linda Rahberger, Gail Battaglia, Richard Eisner ada 'Ziggy', Joan Marie Michelsen, Roxanda Radomsky, Debra Wilson, Alissa Iverson, Deborah Fox, Linda Joseph, Rob Joseph, Scott Owbridge, Beth Nolan, Bonnie Johnson, Julie Norman.

If you would like to get involved as a volunteer for the 2020 Siskiyou Filmfest, please get in contact and let us know!

We hope to see you again next year!