A BIG Thank You to all of our Volunteers!

The Siskiyou FilmFest is powered by more than 40 volunteers who graciously give their time and energy to help make this evening such a success!  Thank You! 

Abigail Wilensky, Alexa Bernard, Amanda Canty, Ayani Minks, Bonnie Johnson, Cosimo Clemente, Dan Thied, Daphne Eramlett, Darren Campbell, David Shiah, Emily Lind, Dan Thied, Eric Staal, Ford , Daphne Eramlett, Gail Battaglia, Geno Silvestri, Hope Braithwaite, Joan Marie, Joe Flaherty, Julie Norman, K.Ruby Blume, Kim Anstey, Kitty Hurst, Laurel Sampson, Linda Joseph, Linda Rahberger, Louise Shaukat, Lynette Shiah, Margretta Stone, Richard Eisner, Rob Joseph, Scott Bridge, Shane T Clark, Steph Murad, Stephanie Juris, Stephanie Murad, Sue Ware, and Tanner Noykoa.


If you'd like to sign up to volunteer for next year please click here and let us know!