Siskiyou FilmFest is a Call to Action- Join in on our Collective Power


Film-goers are transformed into a congregation of committed activists, dedicated to saving our increasingly threatened planet.

The 'Action of the Evening" is to protest the Clean Slate & Savage Murphy Timber Sale.

Through the Clean Slate and Savage Murphy timber sales, the Medford Bureau of Land Management (BLM) hopes to log more than a thousand acres of public lands forest throughout the Rogue, Applegate, and Illinois Valleys. Much of this logging would occur in old-growth forests that are over 150 years old. This is a rehash of the Pickett West project, recently canceled after tremendous pressure by community members.

However, BLM timber planners have again ignored the will of the local community. They canceled a planned meeting on the Clean Slate project out of fear of the depth and breadth of community interest. Instead of seeking community input, BLM developed a timber-first project that ignores other interests and concerns.

Logging old-forests increases fire hazard. It degrades watersheds, harms recreation, and diminishes property values. Clean Slate and Savage Murphy are a threat to local wildlife, ignore climate change, and will log some of the regions last, best low elevation ancient forests.

'We can't let our old, fire-resilient forests be logged into stump fields and converted to tree plantations. It only increases fire danger. Streamside logging will pollute our rivers. Salmon and wildlife will be forever harmed. Our public lands deserve better.' -KS Wild. 

Join us February 10th and join in on our collective power to stop this timber sale!

Sending in multiple letters and phone calls are one of the best strategies we can take as environmental activists so act now at:

...and again at the Siskiyou FilmFest!