The Siskiyou FilmFest is a Call to Action

Film-goers are transformed into a congregation of committed activists, dedicated to saving our increasingly threatened planet.

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To Elizabeth Burghard, Medford BLM District Manager

Dear Ms Burghard,

Thank you for your work managing public lands for the benefit of the American people. 

Like many of my friends and neighbors, I am concerned about BLM logging practices that increase fire hazard. In particular I oppose "regeneration harvesting" that converts native forests with large trees into second-growth timber plantations. BLM timber sales like Griffin Half Moon state that "regeneration" logging that create yet more tree plantations actually increases fire hazard for decades. Young forests, especially those planted for timber production, spread hot fire. This is backed up by research that shows timber plantations increase fire hazard.

I urge you to use your leadership to implement small-diameter thinning projects and prescribed fire while retaining large fire resilient trees. Let's work together to decrease rather than increase fire hazard on public lands that belong to all of us. 

This petition will be available to take action on before the films start, during intermission and after the films on your way out.

'We can't let our old, fire-resilient forests be logged into stump fields and converted to tree plantations. It only increases fire danger.' -KS Wild. 

Join us in collective power on February 10th to confront decision makers increasing fire hazards around us.

Sending in multiple letters and phone calls are one of the best strategies we can take as environmental activists so act now at:

...and again at the Siskiyou FilmFest!