Chef Kristen is Back!


Chef Kristen

Locally Sourced

Tentative Menu:

Hand Pies

Winter Squash Lasagna with Rise Up Bread

Rogue Valley Power Cheese Plate

Quinoa and Roots Salad

Substantial Salad


Almond Polenta Honey Cake

Coconutty Granola

We are pleased to Welcome back Chef Kristen and her delightful menu of locally sourced ingredients to the Film Fest! 

Chef Kristen's passions for local food and serving others come together perfectly focusing on nutrient dense meals. Kristen sources as much food as possible from the State of Jefferson, including beef from Scott River Ranch in Etna, seafood from Brookings and Port Orford, chickens and lamb from Hanley Farm in Central Point and local produce from all over the Rogue Valley. Besides cooking all these yummy foods for her weekly orders and deli style market, you will find Kristen digging around in her own little garden, walking in the Jacksonville trails with her friends (some are 4 legged), skiing in the backwoods of Mt. Ashland or Howard Prairie, usually while humming a friendly tune. She also has a love for St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands where she spends as much time as possible, swimming in the warm ocean and cultivating relationships with the local farms and food scene on the island. Come say hi at The Jefferson Farm Kitchen in Jacksonville, which will open in mid January!