Mingle to the Music of Richard Eisner

As a relatively new arrival to the southern Oregon I-5 corridor, Richard Eisner a.k.a. Ziggy has been entertaining folk in Humboldt County and the High Rockies for several decades. Much of his repertoire includes classic cover songs. In the last decade he has centered on his passion for mother earth and also the daily insults, both the political policy and human violations, that she endures.

His influences have included the likes of MJ, Paul Simon, Tom Paxton, Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, JT, PPM and many other lesser known, yet brilliant writers.   Great songs preaching the same message for fifty years by Pete Seeger, Phil Ochs, of course Dylan, even Aerosmith. Many more known and unknown.

Say hello and enjoy Ziggy's music before the films begin, 3-4pm and during intermission.