Live Performance: Lamentation of the Earth by Chip Boggs 15 min

Sacred Strides 12 min

5000 Miles of Wild 8 min

Rise: From One Island to Another 7 min

In Perpetual Motion 4 min

Dignity at a Monumental Scale 7 min 30 sec

Wilder than Wild: Fire, Forests & the Future 58 min Q&A with producers and Yurok Tribe 15min

Youth Film: Declining Biodiversity in Southern Oregon 5min

Wild Rivers 7 min

Wildlife and the Wall 5 min

- intermission 45min -


Live Performance: Be a Voice by Amber Sunfeather 5 min

Run Wild, Run Free 44 mi

Dignity at a Monumental Scale 7 min 30 sec

Dry Roast 7 min

Great Old Broads for Wolves 5min

Think Like a Scientist: Renewal 8 min

Cedar Tree of Life 10 min


Dignity at a monumental scale 7.5min

Working under the moniker Jetsonorama, Thomas regularly celebrates the beauty of a people whose land has been mined and poisoned, cut up and sold off. Blowing up and wheat-pasting his black and white photos onto the sides of merchants’ stands, abandoned buildings, and mobile homes, Thomas creates work that allows community members to see themselves represented at monumental scales. By day, Thomas is a primary care physician at the Inscription House Health Clinic, located in the western part of the Navajo Nation, where he lives. In his free time, Thomas installs massive photo murals on and off the reservation, depicting his Navajo neighbors — from sheepherders to grandmothers.

“Especially on the reservation, the work is a conversation,” says Thomas. “I’m trying to help create an environment of wellness within the community."

In perpetual motion 5min

Surfers and free divers know well those dark, lung-searing seconds waiting to surface after a wave has pinned you to the ocean floor. It can feel like an eternity. In those underwater minutes, Australian adventure photographer Krystle Wright envisions herself in a desert with roiling grey skies and bootpacking a snowy ridgeline, her trusty Canon capturing the stunning dreamscapes. Vivid and ethereal, In Perpetual Motion is about the remarkable beauty revealed when time stands still for just a moment.


5000 miles of wild 8min

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, Senator Tom Udall, Ted Roosevelt IV, American Rivers President Bob Irvin, and river guide Austin Alvarado provide insightful commentary on the state of river conservation.

filming in snag forest photo Kevin White.JPG

wilder than wild 58min

A documentary that reveals how fire suppression and climate change have exposed our forests and wildland-urban landscapes to large, high-severity wildfires, and explores strategies to mitigate the impact of these fires.


Dry Roast 7min

Every morning, millions of Americans start their day with a steaming cup of coffee. They sip the stimulating brew, all the while unaware of the forces of climate change, immigration, and women’s issues that swirl together in their cup.

For our short documentary, Dry Roast, we went to the source of some of the best coffee in the world in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. There, we found women fighting to sustain their coffee farms in the face of crippling impacts from climate change. Left behind by their husbands and several of their children, many of whom migrated to the U.S., they are now on the front lines of the battle between climate change and their livelihood.

Great old broads for wolves 5min

Producer, director and founder of Grizzly Creek Films Thomas Winston runs a full service production company based out of Bozeman, Montana. Winston’s projects have included creating original series for National Geographic Channel, The History Channel and PBS. Winston is the director of "Great Old Broads for Wolves" which tells the story of a group of women working to protect wild places and things -- including one of America's most iconic animals.



Bears Ears National Monument is one of the most talked-about public lands under threat, though the dialogue often glosses over how sacred it is to many Native Americans. In March 2018, a group of tribes put their differences aside and came together to run 800 miles to Bears Ears – and to send a message of unity. The Sacred Strides for Healing Prayer Run wove from tribal homelands across the Southwest to Bears Ears. Watch to meet the people who are participating in the public lands conversation with their feet and learn about why this land is so important to them.

think like a scientist: renewal 8min

Featuring an emerging young scientist from the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, Renewal is a heart-warming story of transformation and restoration. Supported by HHMI and Tangled Bank Studios, this short film is part of HHMI’s “Think Like A Scientist” series. It is also a follow-up story to the award-winning feature film, Return of the River, by the same Producer, chronicling the largest dam removal in history.

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cedar tree of life 10min

A short, expressionist documentary, exploring the relationship between Cedar and three Indigenous women who work with it, weave with it, and live with it.


rise: from one island to another 7min

Watch this poetic expedition between two islanders, one from the Marshall Islands and one from Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland), connecting their realities of melting glaciers and rising sea levels. Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner and Aka Niviâna use their poetry to showcase the linkages between their homelands in the face of climate change. Through this video we get a glimpse at how large, and yet so small and interdependent our world is.

The science behind climate change and its causes has been clear for decades. And yet, it has not been enough to drive the change we need to see in order to salvage our planet. We hope this poem can spark the emotion and drive needed for more people to rise and take action.

run wild run free 44min

Run Wild Run Free takes the viewer through the history to the present of Wild and Scenic as told through experts, grassroots organizers, whitewater enthusiasts, and members of the Nez Perce tribe in Idaho.

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Wild rivers 7min

A film by Wild Rivers Land Trust: We believe breathtaking scenery, crystal clear water and thriving fisheries can coexist with productive ranchlands & forestlands. ‘What we do on the land, gets written on the water.’

August, Rogue River_, Shane Stiles.jpg